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10 Common Mistakes people Make When charging Their Phones.

Gadgets these days have so many functionalities, and they have become everything a person might need. But one big drawback of this technological advancement is that the batteries can’t keep up with the workload, and it drains too fast.

And while mobile phone producers continue to improve on batteries to make them charge faster and last longer. People still keep doing all kinds of wrong things, like throwing their phone in the freezer.

Let us look at the common mistakes people make when it comes to charging their devices.

Number One: Charging your new phone to the max before using it for the first time. Wow, we’ve all heard of this one, right? You buy a new, plug it, and wait until your new baby is fully charged. In fact, some mobile salespeople even recommend doing this, It is nothing but a myth. Mobile Phone batteries work best when they’re charged only up to 40 to 80%.

Number Two: Not using your phone while it is charging Tons of people believe that if they use their mobile phone while it’s charging this will harm the battery’s lifespan. Others believe that in this case, the battery won’t charge as well as it can when it’s not in use, you’ll be happy to know that this too is a misconception. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using your phone or not, it’ll still charge the same exact way.

Number Three: Being afraid that chargers from a different brand will kill your battery. Now it is true that some off-brand chargers may not be the best choice for your phone, and they do take longer to charge the battery. But if the charger works well enough, it won’t harm your mobile device.

Number Four: Thinking that turning your phone off will damage the battery. Yes, if you leave your phone off for an extended amount of time, the battery is going to die. That’s a normal thing all batteries do. But if you simply shut your device off from time to time, nothing dramatic will happen. In fact, some devices may actually start working more effectively after you reboot them. Doing this also helps restore the functionality of their batteries.

Number Five: Trying to train your battery, some people think that they can train their battery so that it’ll be able to hold more charge. They let the battery drain completely before recharging it again, and never ever charged their phone if it’s only on 50% or 60%. This idea has no ground to stand on. So feel free to charge your phone even if the battery is as full as 90% charging your phone frequently doesn’t hurt the battery.

Number Six: Not charging your phone overnight for fear of damaging the battery. Don’t you think that smartphones were smart for a reason? These devices know for sure when to stop charging because the battery is full. But while overnight charging doesn’t harm your phone in any way, it’s still not the most effective way to do it. If you want to extend your battery’s lifespan, keep it charged between 40 and 80%. Believe it or not, this actually helps the battery live the longest.

Number Seven: Putting the battery in the freezer to make it last longer. Well, this misconception goes way back to the 80s, when people would put batteries in the freezer for short periods of time to make them work longer. The thing is that lithium-ion batteries react badly to both cold and heat, The best temperature for this sort of battery is room temperature.

Number Eight: Using task managers to prolong battery life. Forget everything you’ve ever heard about task managers, they do not prolong your battery life. The built-in system on your phone already deals with everything that should be done to keep the performance of your device in good shape. As for third-party task managers, they’re actually more likely to decrease your phone’s performance. Yes, they can control the apps you use, but they hurt the battery life.

Number Nine: Turning off Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi to prolong the battery life. Now you should know that the only time when any of these services may drain your battery is when you’re using them. The rest of the time they might pull some amount of energy from the battery, but It’s not a lot, and it doesn’t drain it completely. In fact, Wi-Fi consumes even less energy than your smartphone needs to maintain the cellular data connection. Apple even encourages its users to leave the Wi-Fi turned on to save battery.

Number Ten: Believing that the Internet runs your battery down the fastest. Now first, let’s specify what you’re using the internet for. If you’re doing different activities such as online gaming or watching videos online then your battery will die much faster. These sorts of activities need impressive amounts of energy to display those awesome graphics. But if you’re surfing the net or reading articles, it doesn’t influence your battery life any more than listening to music does.

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