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The Best Tech Tools for Freelancers to Save Time, Money, and Increase Productivity.

Freelancers are independent contractors who typically work on contract assignments with no long-term commitment to the employer. Freelancers are becoming increasingly popular in today’s job market because there are more companies looking for freelancers than there are freelancers who want to work.

It is not easy for freelancers to find the best tech tools that make their work easier. Here I will share my experience on what software and apps are helpful to freelancers.

The best tech tools for freelancers are those that can help them stay organized, be productive, and increase their income.

Freelancers often find it difficult to find the best tech tools, especially because there are so many options out there. However, there are some great options out there which can help freelancers be more successful in their roles and guess what, you have the opportunity to buy a lifetime account. As a virtual assistance this is good news.

  1. Groupmail – For sending bulk emails.
  2. Authentic – For social media reporting.
  3. 8 Demand – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
  4. InVideo – For creating video content.
  5. PromoRepublic – For social media marketing.
  6. Artspack – For graphics design.
  7. Encharge – For email marketing.
  8. QR – QR Code generator.
  9. Voicely – For creating voice over.
  10. Infograpify – Data visualization tool.
  11. Linguix – Writing assistant tool.
  12. Contact Journal – Contact management tool.
  13. BeLive – For meeting/live streaming.
  14. RaDaar – Social media management tool.
  15. Pixelied – For social media content creation.
  16. Botsify – Used for website/Facebook chatbot.
  17. Rytr – An A.I. assistant writer.
  18. Barkweb – Web hosting tool.

Try them out, also  feel free to add more tools in the comment section.

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